Cuisinart Mix-It-In Soft-Serve Ice-Cream Maker

4:02 PM Posted by MojoAcuna

Not only is it summertime but Father's Day is right around the corner! What dad doesn't love making fun goodies for his kids? I love cooking for my kids, and love making them tasty deserts. I am always the "Hero" when I whip up something fun.

One thing all kids love to make is homemade ice cream! I still remember when I was little my mom and dad making home made ice cream for us kids. It was always a huge treat each summer!

Professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet is now available right at home, with the Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. Not only does it make everyone’s favorites, but with three built-in condiment dispensers, it makes them extra delicious! Just a pull of a tab sends sprinkles, chips and other mix-ins down the chute to mix right into frozen desserts as cones or bowls are filled. Operation is fully automatic; simply pour in the ingredients and turn the dial!

Product Features:
• Adds favorite mix-ins into soft serve ice cream as it’s dispensed!
• Pull out tabs to add one, two or all three types of mix-ins
• Pull down handle to dispense soft serve ice cream directly into cones or bowls
• Makes 11⁄2 quarts of frozen dessert in as little as 20 minutes
• Fully automatic – just add favorite fresh ingredients and turn the dial
• Cone holder holds a stack of pointed or flat bottom cones
• Double-insulated freezer bowl holds temperature for fast results
• No chemicals, salt or ice required
• Removable parts for easy cleaning
• Instruction Book and Recipe Book included
• Limited 3-year warranty

Right now you can get the Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker for $99 dollars! That's a 46% discount!

Cuisinart products are designed to make life delicious all day long. Specialty items, like our Mix-It-In soft serve ice cream maker, offer today’s consumers a variety of menu options, and fun and easy new ways to entertain family and friends.

Cuisinart first came into home kitchens over 30 years ago when it introduced the now legendary food processor. People discovered that routines could be broken and creative cooking quickly became part of the new lifestyle. Preparing fresh ingredients with products that offered easy and interesting new techniques meant healthier meals and more free time.

Today Cuisinart develops products to make every meal memorable. From breakfast toast and coffee to elegant five-course dinners, the preparation and cooking have become a pleasurable part of the total experience. Today’s relaxed lifestyles and the convenience of Cuisinart products make it easier than ever to Savor the Good Life, right at home with family and friends.