My Wife Rocks!

1:44 PM Posted by MojoAcuna

Suc50014 Amanda and I recently received some really cool t-shirts from From*me Tees . It's neat to wear a shirt that expresses the way I feel about my wife. The men's t shirts are very comfortable and come in styles that aren't "girlie" They have a masculine feel to them so I don't have a problem wearing the shirt out. Plus I know Amanda loves me wearing the shirt. It's pretty much an outward symbol of how I feel for her. Plus she likes the fact it's a blatant way to say "I'm taken" Now, she is trying to convince me to wear this shirt at work. I'm a sushi chef so of course she wants me to wear it.

From*me Tees' Mission:
To enhance marriage relationships, communicate a positive image of marriage, and encourage/support the sanctity of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman in a fun and stylish way.

So here is Amanda and I, and of course me being myself.

Right now you can get a two dollar discount at time of purchase. As a referred customer from my blog you would need to submit a *Shout Out about your spouse and mention my blog in order to receive a $2/item discount which would be refunded at time of processing/shipping. The $2/item discount will be given via a refund at the time an order is processed and shipped. The discount will be applied as a refund to whatever payment source was used by the customer.

Here are the instructions for *Shout Outs:
In a brief sentence or two, tell us why your spouse rocks! We will choose from entries submitted to be placed on the Shout Outs page of the From*me Tees website from time to time. Send your Shout Out to and put "Shout Out" in the subject. We will include only the first names of you and your spouse. (Example: "My husband makes the best French toast and every Saturday morning he relieves me of breakfast duty!" to Brian, from Jenny)

Now go and get a "My Wife Rocks" tee and show her how much you love her!