Home At Last

12:15 PM Posted by MojoAcuna

Well I am home. We came in Tuesday afternoon. We had a great time. I saw so many neat things. I also took tons of pictures!

This is Daryl's House in Gowanda New York

The room I stayed in at Daryl's house in New York

I remember being on the phone with Amanda, and she tells me she is leaving to take the girls to the pool and go swimming. Yeah, while she was here in Sunny California this is what I was in.

Gowanda Library

Amish people in their buggy. They looked cold!

At the truck loading station.
Amanda says this looks like a scene from Ice Road Truckers. (and that is exactly how it felt) BURR!!!

If you click on the picture you'll see why I took a picture of this building.
Open Road.
Indiana State Sign
At Daryl's house in New Mexico with a steak
On a tracker (first time)

So there are a few pictures of my trip! enjoy!


  1. sami said...

    Good job ther mojoacuna well done.Keep it up! How are you? saw you doing that carterpiling,such a great guy,Stay cool.