Roll over like the classic said...

9:15 PM Posted by MojoAcuna

Ok so the title makes absolutely no sense, and it has no relevance to what is being written. But thank you for even trying to figure it out. Kudos readers, kudos.

I just saw a few different versions of trailers about the new 2012 movie. Yikes!!! So if were really all doomed, I want to let everyone know that Diet Dr. Pepper really does taste like regular Dr. Pepper. Weird. Tomorrow is the day that the kids come with my wife and I to Disneyland's new trick or treat Halloween bash. Spooky you say? I'll tell you what's spooky; Mickey Mouse and Donald trying to be scary. I mean...wouldn't that jack with the kids minds??? Hope its fun and entertaining for the kids unlike other amusement parks that scare the living waffles out of people. Well, that is it for now. Stave it off from your favorite sushi chef, MOJO.